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导读: 对照课本学习更佳Lesson37YouAreWhatYouEat!第37课健康源自饮食JennyandDannyarehavinglun chtogether.丹尼和詹妮在一起吃午饭。JennylooksatDannyandnoticessomethingve...
  对照课本学习更佳   Lesson 37 You Are What You Eat!   第37课 健康源自饮食   Jenny and Danny are having lunch together.   丹尼和詹妮在一起吃午饭。   Jenny looks at Danny and notices something very strange.   詹妮看着丹尼发现了奇怪的事情。   What are you eating, Danny?   丹尼,你在吃什么   This is a salad, Jenny.   珍妮,这是沙拉。   There are many different vegetables in it.   这里面有很多不用种类的蔬菜。   I know. But you don t like vegetables.   我知道,但是你不喜欢吃蔬菜。   Well Jenny, vegetables are good for us.   詹妮,蔬菜对我们的身体有好处。   That s true.   这倒是。   To tell you the truth, I decided to change my eating habits.   实不相瞒,我决定改变我的饮食习惯。   Yesterday evening,I ate ten donuts as usual.   昨天晚上,和往常一样,我吃了十个甜甜圈。   My uncle said to me, "You shouldn t eat so many donuts.   我叔叔和我说:“你不应该吃那么多甜甜圈。   It s not good for your health.   对身体不好。   Do you know the saying: You are what you eat?"   你知道:健康源自饮食这句俗话吗?”   Later that night, I had a dream.   那晚,我做了个梦。   In the dream, I became a big donut and everyone tried to eat me.   在梦里,我变成了一个大甜甜圈,大家都想吃了我。   Oh no! That s awful.   噢不!太可怕了!   Yeah! Then I woke up and I was scared.   是的!然后我就醒了,我很害怕。   So, I decided to eat more vegetables.   所以,我决定多吃蔬菜。   Good for you, Danny!   真为你高兴,丹尼!   Lesson 38 Stay Healthy!   第38课 保持健康!   A lot of kids like reading, watching TV and listening to music.   很多孩子喜欢读书、看电视和听音乐。   That s great! We should exercise our minds.   那太好了!我们应该锻炼我们的心智。   School is great for building our minds.   学校是建立心智的好地方。   But what about our bodies?   那么我们的身体呢?   There is an old saying, "A healthy body is a healthy mind."   有句古话说:“健全的精神寓于健康的体魄。”   It s true.   的确是这样。   Our bodies need lots of exercise and healthy food.   我们的身体需要大量的运动和健康的食物。   Did you know?   你知道吗?   Running helps us remember information.   跑步能帮助我们记忆信息。   Walking can improve our thinking skills.   走路能提升我们的思考技能。   Exercise can keep our brains young.   锻炼能让我们的大脑保持年轻。   What about healthy food?   健康的食品呢?   Apples help our brains stay strong.   苹果帮助我们的大脑保持强劲。   Eggs and fish help our brains work faster.   鸡蛋和鱼帮助我们的大脑更快速地运转。   How can we stay healthy?   我们如何保持健康?   There are many ways: Eat good food!   有很多方式:吃健康的食物!   Vegetables Fish Meat Fruits   蔬菜 鱼 肉 水果   Play sports and Exercise!   运动和锻炼!   Ping-pong Basketball   乒乓球 篮球   Football Volleyball Dance   足球 排球 舞蹈   Run Walk Climb   跑步 走步 登山   Lesson 39 Danny s Report   第39课 丹尼的报道   Danny is writing about Sports Day for the school newspaper.   丹尼正在为学校报社写运动会的报道。   About Sports Day   运动会   By Danny Dinosaur   作者:恐龙丹尼   Sports Day was a great success this year!   今年的运动会非常成功!   All the students and teachers from Grades 7, 8 and 9 took part in the sports events.   来自7、8、9年级的所有学生和老师都参加了运动项目。   There were ten different events like running, long and high jumps, and ball throwing.   有十种不同的运动项目,例如跑步,跳远和跳高,以及扔铅球。   Everyone worked very hard, and we all got some good exercise.   大家都非常努力,我们都得到了很好的锻炼。   There were many winners this year.   今年有很多获胜者。   Kim, from Grade 7,won first place in four events.   7年级的金姆赢得了四项比赛的一等奖。   Tony, from Grade 8, won first place in two events and second place in three events.   8年级的托尼,在两项比赛中赢得了一等奖,在三项比赛中赢得了二等奖。   And Jack, from Grade 9, won first place in six events.   九年级的杰克,在六项比赛中赢得了一等奖。   Well done!   好样的!   I took part in a running event.   我参加了跑步项目   I ran really hard, but my tail got in the way.   我真的很努力的跑了,但是我的尾巴总是挡道。   So I didn t win first place.   所以我没有赢得第一名。   I only got third place.   我只得了第三。   I felt a little sad,   我觉得有点难过,   but then my teammates said,   不过我的队友说:   "Good work, Danny.   “干得好,丹尼。   Winning is not everything.   获胜不是全部。   Having fun is important."   重要的是开心。”   They were right! We all had lots of fun!   他们说的对!我们都玩得很开心!   Thank you everyone for a great Sports Day.   谢谢大家为这个很棒的运动会做出的努力。   Hope to see you all next year!   希望明年还能都看到你们!   Lesson 40 Move Your Body   第40课 动起来   Ben and Tim are good friends.   本和蒂姆是好朋友。   They used to be very active together.   过去他们在一起很活跃。   They walked everywhere.   他们四处散步。   They played games outdoors.   他们玩户外游戏。   But now Ben worries about Tim.   但是现在本担心蒂姆。   Tim is not active any more.   蒂姆不再活跃了。   He has some bad habits.   他养成了一些坏习惯。   He watches too much TV and plays too many computer games.   他总是看电视并且总是玩电脑游戏。   And he is putting on weight.   他的体重一直在增加。   Ben sends his friend a poem:   本给他的好朋友写了一首诗:   You can be a couch potato and watch TV all day.   你整天看电视,将变成一个沙发土豆。   But don t do that. There is another way!   但是不要这样了。你可以做其他的事情!   Move your body, get out and have fun.   动起来,到外面去,愉快地玩。   Fresh air, a bike ride, playing in the sun!   呼吸新鲜空气,骑车,在阳光下玩耍!   Tim arrives home from school.   蒂姆放学回到家。   There is a letter at his front door.   他的门前有一封信。   It s Ben s poem!   是本的诗!   He reads the poem and he smiles.   他读着诗笑了。   He writes a poem back to his friend:   他给他的朋友回写了一首诗:   Your poem is funny, But I feel really lucky.   你的诗很有趣,但是我非常幸运。   With a true friend on my side,   有一个真心的朋友在身边,   My world will be open wide.   我的世界将变得宽广。   Let s meet tomorrow at six o clock,   我们明天6点钟见,   And we can go for a good walk.   然后我们去散散步。   Lesson 41: Were People Healthy Then?   第41课 那时的人们健康吗?   It s Sunday morning.   周日的早晨。   Dena Morin and her grandfather, Mr. Morin, are fishing at the lake.   德娜·莫林和她的祖父莫林先生在湖边钓鱼。   Grandpa, did people go fishing a long time ago?   爷爷,很久以前人们钓鱼吗?   Well Dena, we are First Nations people.   德娜,我们是“第一民族”人。   Our people came to Canada a long time ago.   我们的族人在很久以前来到了加拿大。   At that time, there were no supermarkets.   那时候,没有超市。   Our people always went fishing and hunting for food.   我们的族人经常去钓鱼、猎取食物。   Were people healthy then?   那时的人们健康吗?   They were very healthy.   他们很健康。   They spent a lot of time outdoors.   他们大部分时间都在外面。   They worked hard.   他们辛勤工作。   And they ate good, natural food like fish and vegetables.   并且他们吃优质的天然食品,如鱼和蔬菜。   Was life hard at that time?   那时候生活艰难吗?   It was hard.   艰难。   But people were healthy and happy.   但是人们很健康并且快乐。   After a hard day of work, people rested and played together.   一天的辛勤劳作之后,人们一起休息、一起玩耍。   In the evenings, they often made a big fire.   在晚上,他们生一大堆火。   Some people played the drums and others danced around the fire.   有人敲鼓,其他的人围着火跳舞。   They called this dance the pow-wow.   他们把这种舞叫做帕瓦。   We still have pow-wow dances today.   现在也有帕瓦。   I can t wait for the pow-wow next year!   我等不及明年的帕瓦了。   Lesson 42 Know Yourself   第42课 认识自己   Know yourself!   认识自己!   This is the first step towards success.   这是成功的第一步。   But how? Try this!   不过怎么做呢?这样试试!   Take a piece of paper and write down a list of your habits.   找出一张纸,写下你的习惯清单。   I made two lists.   我做了两个清单。   There is a list of my good habits and a list of my bad habits.   一个好习惯清单,一个是坏习惯清单。   Good Habits   好习惯   I usually get up early.   我通常很早起床。   I often wake up at 6:30 in the morning.   我早上通常6::3起床。   I always eat breakfast.   我总是吃早餐。   I brush my teeth three times a day.   我每天刷三次牙。   I drink eight glasses of water a day.   我每天喝八杯水。   Bad Habits   坏习惯   I don t get enough exercise.   我锻炼得不够。   I spend too many hours watching TV.   我花很长时间看电视。   I don t always make my bed.   我不总是叠被子。   I am not organized.   我没有条理。   And my room is always a mess   我的房间总是很乱   Good habits lead the way to good health and success!   良好的习惯引领健康和成功的道路!   Look at your lists.   看看你的清单。   Are there any bad habits?   有坏习惯吗?   How can you change those habits?   你如何改变那些坏习惯?   Develop your good habits and improve yourself!   培养好习惯,改善你自己!   I tried it and it worked for me.   我尝试并成功了。   Now I watch TV only a few times a week.   现在每周很少电视。   I often play basketball after school.   放学后,我经常打篮球。   And I keep my room clean and organized.   并且我保持我的房间干净整洁。   I still don t always make my bed, but I m working on it.   我仍然总是不叠杯子,不过我正努力。   “家有好学生初中版”尊重原创并对原创者的文章表示肯定和感谢